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Post by Heffernan »

Experience in C++
HIGH Experience in Goldsource Coding

1) Can't create entity: ammo_ARgrenades
NULL Ent in GiveNamedItem!
Can't create entity: weapon_egon
NULL Ent in GiveNamedItem!
Can't create entity: ammo_gaussclip
NULL Ent in GiveNamedItem!

2) item_battery got!
(is sometimes spammed all over the console supposedly lagging the game for lower computers needs to be found out why )

m_rgAmmo < 255

(Assert is because the maxammo got set higher but the coding only allows max 255 would be nice if this could be changed to 999 max)

4) ECGFine.spr
these 3 are from a previous mod wich Admer seems to have accidentally copied over somewhere in the code, need all 3 instances and the corrresponding code fixed.

5) item_healthkit cant be used in shop system as its not precached, doesnt really matter but id love a way to heal the player for 1,2,5,10,15 upon buying specific food/drink things in the shop (maybe have it accept a targetname in the shop that activates a trigger hurt for a second?)

6) weapon cremator can currently be added to the player by "give weapon_cremator" but once u do "impulse 101" it disappears and cant be added to the hud supposedly missing from there

7) if u switch plasma weapons a few times sometimes the model disappears until u switch back (got a video)

8) shooting a func_breakable gives HUGE wood leftovers

9) SHOP Closes when buying a item please fix

10) SHOP gives no message when buying and out of money, maybe add some message or mark items red u cant buy?

11) let the shop system wich just shows "SHOP" ontop of it have different names

12) weapon_flashlight isnt in impulse 101

13) weapon_flashlight isnt very bright

14) NPCs Shooting other NPCs does not add adamage counter like when you shoot them.

15) inplement weapon_sentry (got models)

16) give weapon_9mmAR better aim

17) add /model/ function to item_money (is that already?)

18) remove command reset_camera from env_paper it has no function in this mod only in my old one

19) implement weapon_rg6 (bouncing after the TFC GL) (got models) (ONLY WHEN ALL ELSE IS FINISHED)

20) add weapon_cremator, weapon_hyperblaster weapon_hyperb to Barney and Hgrunt

21) implement a respawnsystem info_respawn were the player respawns instead of restarting

22) add different ammotypes to weapon_hyperb weapon_hyperblaster weapon_cremator

23) move weapon_green_herb and weapon_spray to a different hudslot

24) move the 3 plasmaweapons to a own slot

25) remove satchel/snarks

26) Implement a Bounding Box system over enemies Buttons etc... i got the specifics VERY IMPORTANT!!!!

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Re: Coding

Post by Heffernan »

- changed func_breakable drop list
NULL, // 0
"item_battery", // 1
"item_healthkit", // 2
"weapon_9mmhandgun", // 3
"ammo_9mmclip", // 4
"weapon_9mmAR", // 5
"ammo_9mmAR", // 6
"weapon_shotgun", // 7
"ammo_buckshot", // 8
"weapon_crossbow", // 9
"ammo_crossbow", // 10
"weapon_357", // 11
"ammo_357", // 12
"weapon_rpg", // 13
"ammo_rpgclip", // 14
"weapon_handgrenade", // 15
"weapon_tripmine", // 16
"weapon_hornetgun", // 17
"weapon_cremator", // 18
"weapon_hyperblaster", // 19
"weapon_hyperb", // 20
"weapon_flashlight", // 21
"weapon_herb_green", // 23
"ammo_cremator", // 24
"ammo_hyperblaster", // 25
"ammo_hyperb", // 26

- removed unused weapon events
- added new ammo types to impulse 101
- fixed an additional compile-stopping bug regarding pBeam

- fixed #1
- fixed #2
- fixed #3 and changed ammo limit to 999
- partially fixed #5 (just made the game automatically precache the healthkit entity)
- i think i partially fixed #6? you can still select weapon_cremator (it's on slot 5), but the hud icon is still invisible. it's under the tripmine
- fixed #12
- did #16
- did #18
- did #22
- did #25

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