Novice Growth Task

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Novice Growth Task

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Tutorials (c) Xanthian31

These tasks appear in the Voyage log (under the Main tab) at level 130 (confirmed 5/13/2022)

you need to be in a guild to do the first task.


1) Leveling up

Obtain 20 Agriculture build permit - Submit at Guild Token Envoy (Inside Guild Hall).

Reward: 400,000,000 Profession Experience, 1 Ptolemy's Satellite, 20 Rally forms

2) Trade Points Card Exchange

Obtain Attack stone from Trade Point Exchanger in Barcelona and 30,000 TPC then show it to Glaucus (npc) (In Barcelona city near gate).

Attack Power Stone (Superior) Costs 40,000 TPC and 7,500,000 silver coin - IDK if one from other players or item mall will work or not.

Reward: 400,000,000 Profession Experience, 80,000 TPC, 2 Parry Stone (Superior) BOUND, 1 Dictators Signet BOUND, 1 Real Cross (15 days) and you keep the Attack Power Stone (Superior)

The Real Cross Can be traded but time begins to count down immediately after you receive it.

3) Equipment Upgrade Materials

Obtain a Refined Magnetic Ore (Ordinary) and an Ancient Stone (Old) from the Suit Material Exchanger in Seville Port. Turn in the task at the Daily Instance Quests Giver NPC (inside Sanctum of Memories- Seville Dock or Athens Dock)

To make the Refined Magnetic Ore and Ancient Stone(old) you need Refined Magnetic Ore Dust which can be exchanged for at the Barcelona Trade Points Exchanger [some older players may have some but it is bound] . Plus you need Magnetic ore and Special offer vouchers.

HOWEVER... it costs 32,000 TPC and 10,000,000 silver coin for each Refined MO Dust.

You will need 6 RMOD for a total of 192,000 TPC and 60,000,000 silver coin.

The special offer vouchers can be bought in the item mall or from other players.

Reward: 400,000,000 Profession Experience, 1 Refined Magnetic ore (Superior), Ancient Stone (Ordinary), 10 Flawless Black Diamond, 1 Dictators Signet and you keep the Refined Magnetic Ore (Ordinary) and Ancient Stone (Old) and 50 (guild) Vigor.

All the refined Magnetic ores, Ancient Stones, Black diamonds and Dictators Signet are BOUND.

Diamonds do not say bound but can not be traded with other players and you get the "do you want to destroy..." message if you try to drop them to the ground.

4) Recognizing the Battleground

When your (Officer) rank reaches level 4 go to the Petro Forrest Executive Officer (In the Sanctum of Memories - Seville Port) and redeem your rewards.

Reward: 500,000,000 Profession Experience, 1 Captains Signet, 400 sea battle honor, 400 Land Battle Honor.
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